What to Expect

We hope you will feel comfortable and welcomed. We love having visitors.

Bible Class

Bible class is held before the worship service and offers classes for adults and children. Children's classes are divided as follows: teens (grades 7-12), grades 4-6, K-3, pre-K and nursery. Our adult bible class meets in the auditorium. 

Worship Service

After Sunday school we meet together in the auditorium for worship. Patterned after the examples given in the New Testament, our weekly worship service consists of prayer, praise, remembering Christ's sacrifice for us by partaking of communion, and learning more about God's will for our lives through the minister's sermon. We offer praise by joining together in congregational acappella singing. Prayers are led by various men of the congregation. We are given the opportunity to give back to God a portion of our earnings during the time the contribution is collected. Visitors should not feel obligated to give. We remember Christ's sacrifice by partaking in communion.