Weekly Bible Studies & Videos

During our time of separation, we want to provide our members with resources to continue to worship and study at home. We will be posting a video sermon and resources for the Lord's Supper each Sunday. In addition, we will also provide midweek devotional videos and a weekly Bible study guide for you to use. All of those resources will be linked to this page for your convenience. If you have any questions about a particular resource or if you are having trouble accessing any of the links, please contact one of the elders or ministers.

Worship and Devotional Videos

Every Sunday morning at 10:30am PDT, a live worship service or a pre-recorded worship service will be available via YouTube. Once the live service is over, the video will remain on YouTube for viewing. Additionally, twice a week Jason and Willard will be conducting devotionals via YouTube. Jason's devotional will be live streamed on Tuesdays at 7:30pm PDT while Willard's will be uploaded every Friday. Links for each individual video will be posted here. You can also access Upland's YouTube channel, by clicking here.

Weekly Bible Study Guides

The weekly guide can be used for an individual Bible study, but it has been formatted for a family devotional. In addition to the study notes on the passage, opportunities for singing and prayer are included. If you would like to follow a video song with lyrics, click the link within the guide and you will be taken to YouTube. The study is called "God's Blueprint for Christian Living" and it is based on the book of James. Additional guides will be posted weekly.