Updates from the Eldership

In an effort to keep all of our members as informed as possible, all updates from the eldership regarding the congregation's response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic will be posted here. These updates will also be shared on the congregation's social media accounts (Facebook & Instagram) and through our phone notification system. If at any time you have a question concerning an update, please reach out to any of the elders!

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Monday, December 27th

From the elders,

"Two weeks ago the state of California instituted new public health guidelines for the wearing of mask for indoor public places . Therefore, we are recommending that no matter your vaccination status those attending our in person worship  wear a face covering and we will be provide them to anyone requesting one. We welcome all who continue to join us for our in person bible class and participate  in worship through our live - on line you tube presenting of worship. We pray for you and may you enjoy the blessings of this Christmas season, and we look forward to the opportunities we will have to worship, fellowship and serve together in 2022!"

Saturday, June 19th

From the elders,

Public Health Guidelines for Gathering In-Person Worship – Sunday, June 20, 2021

On June 15th, the State of California revised their COVID-19 gathering guidelines for persons gathering within the State as well as the wearing of a face coverings. From the onset declaration of the pandemic, we have adhered to the Public Health Guidelines for our community, as restrictive as they may have been, and will continue to adhere to these guidelines as they become less restrictive and will certainly respect each person’s personal comfort level. The primary key points, as of June 15, 2021, for these new Public Health Guidelines and for our In-Person worship and activities are as follows:

  •       No more physical distancing requirements for attendees at the building
  •       No more Coronavirus related capacity limitations
  •       Persons who ARE VACCINATED will NOT be required to wear a face covering, and any person(s) NOT VACCINATED WILL BE required to wear a mask. We will use the self-attestation system of adhering to the new guidelines, and trust that those in attendance who are not vaccinated will wear a mask. New signage will also be displayed!

Furthermore, we understand and respect any person, though vaccinated, who may still prefer to wear a face covering. Again, we are adhering to the State of California Public Health guidelines.

Side Note: Effective June 15th, the multi-colored tier system each county has been using to adhere to current guidelines WILL BE discontinued.

These new guidelines will be implemented effective June 20, 2021 worship. We will monitor and adjust these requirements as presented by our Public Health officials. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding, and please continue to respect each other’s immediate space as we transition to a more open gathering with one another. If you have any comments or questions, please contact any Elder.

Sunday  AM Worship - 10:30am
Sunday PM Worship - 5pm
Sunday Bible Class - Will re-start  Aug 1, 2021 (Adult and Children’s)
Wednesday Bible Study - Zoom Only


Thursday, March 11th

From the elders,

The purpose of this message is to inform you that starting this Sunday, March 14, our in-person and online worship service will begin at 10:30 am. So, as we spring forward with our clocks early this Sunday morning we will also move our worship time forward by one hour to 10:30am. The purpose of the Sunday morning time change is in anticipation of an eventual return of a Sunday morning 9:30 a.m. Bible class for adults and children. Again, this will be done when the circumstances are appropriate for our members’ welfare. That time frame is currently unknown.

In addition, our Sunday evening worship will also have a new starting time of 5 pm.

Furthermore, for those that desire to worship at the building, we will continue to institute health and safety protocols in accordance to local public health guidelines for meeting in person:

 • All those attending worship in person will be asked to wear a face covering upon entering the building and keep it in place throughout the service with the exception of partaking the prepackaged communion.

 • Each household will be seated at a distance more than 6 feet from another person/household group.

 • There will be sanitizing stations accessible for all who enter the building

 • Members and guests will be directed and escorted out at appropriate safe distances at the conclusion of worship.

Any member or guest who is not feeling well or has any symptoms of an illness is asked to stay home. We will be limiting our attendance to the 25 percent capacity (though we don’t expect to be near that figure initially).

All other activities and outreach programs are currently suspended; however, we will offer on our front lawn a clothing giveaway to our community and neighbors on Saturday, April 10th from 8 to 11 am. Public Health guidelines for this event will be adhered to!

We are thankful for you, and if this congregation can be of any assistance to you please call the office at (909) 982-1676.

Thursday, February 11th

From the Elders

"The purpose of this message is to inform you that, starting this Sunday (February 14), the Upland church of Christ will open the building for those that want to and are able to attend our 9:30am worship service.

We will continue to simultaneously present our worship online and it will also continue to be made available on YouTube anytime thereafter.

However, for those that desire to worship at the building, we will institute stringent health and safety protocols in accordance to local public health guidelines for meeting in person:

 • All those attending worship in person will be asked to wear a face covering upon entering the building and keep it in place throughout the service with the exception of partaking the prepackaged communion. 

 • Each household will be seated at a distance more than 6 feet from another person/household group. 

 • There will be sanitizing stations accessible to all who enter the building

 • Members and guests will be directed and escorted out at appropriate safe distances at the conclusion of worship.

Any member or guest that is not feeling well or has any symptoms of an illness is asked to please stay home. We will be limiting our attendance at the 25 percent capacity though we don’t expect to be near that figure initially; however, we will continue to monitor

Additionally, we will continue to offer our Sunday afternoon devotional service at 4pm on the patio, unless the weather conditions require us to gather inside. Again, no matter where we meet, the appropriate health and safety protocols will be in place.

All other activities and outreach programs are currently suspended.  However, watch in the coming days for an announcement for a clothing giveaway for our community.

We are thankful for you, and if this congregation can be of any assistance to you please call the office at (909) 982-1676."

Tuesday, December 1st

From the elders,

"The Upland Church of Christ is continuing to offer our livestream worship on Sunday morning at 9:30 am and it will continue to be available on YouTube anytime thereafter. Additionally, we also gather outside on our building’s patio for a Sunday evening 5 pm devotional service. 

We adhere to public gathering guidelines for meeting outside. We are unable to live steam this gathering, but it is recorded and. available on YouTube for others to watch. As soon as Public Health guidelines allow us to return to offering in-person worship inside the building (which would continue to be live-streamed) we will update you."

Thursday, August 27th

From the elders,

"The Upland Church of Christ is continuing to offer our livestream worship on Sunday morning; however, beginning this Sunday, August 30th, we will present worship at 9:30 a.m. (NEW TIME), and it will continue to be available on YouTube anytime thereafter.

Additionally, starting September 6th at 6 pm (and each Sunday evening during September) we will gather outside on our building’s patio for an evening devotional service. We will be adhering to public gathering guidelines for meeting outside. We are unable to live steam this gathering, but we are testing our ability to record and place on YouTube for others to watch. We will not meet this Sunday evening!

As soon as Public Health guidelines allow us to return to offering in-person worship inside the building (which would continue to be live-streamed) we will update you. 

Please join us!"

Friday, July 17th

From the Elders,

"First, we are so very thankful for you and pray for you every day.

As the result of the most recent public health directives, we must suspend our indoor building worship until further notice. We are also aware and have discussed meeting outdoors, as allowed, but we have some logistical and technical matters to address first, as well as ensure our members and friends who are at home are provided on line access to any potential future outdoor worship!

Please join us this Sunday as Willard will facilitate and present our morning worship on YouTube at 10:30 am

We know our members and friends in the community are watching the various media reporting from Public Health, state and local officials regarding the Covid 19 pandemic in our community, and there may be varying opinions, but we must make decisions for the overall betterment of our congregation, and in respect to our community, and at the same time present and offer opportunities to be encouraged and strengthened during these times.

Therefore, with the current public health trends we are again looking at additional ways to keep spiritually connected and encourage one another. We also welcome feedback for decisions you may or may not agree, but together, we will always agree God is in control."

Friday, July 10th

From the Elders

"We want to inform you that we will open the building for 10:30 am worship this Sunday. We will continue to adhere to the public health gathering guidelines we have put into place (in which members have previously very orderly adhere to) and of course, we simultaneously live stream our worship as previously presented. We plan to continue to meet for worship only for the immediate future. 

For our at home participants, we will be emailing our songs for the week in advance of worship so you can sing at home.

As stated in past, please do not attend worship in person if you have any underlying medical condition, have any signs of being ill, or for your own personal comfort prefer not to gather among others at this time. We respect any decision to not attend at this time, and pray for the good health and safety of all.

As always, please let the leadership know if you have any needs, or know of someone we can assist and serve.

God Bless!"

Friday, July 3rd

Members of the Upland Church of Christ

The eldership would like to inform you that - as the result of recent revised Covid 19 state/ local public health gathering guidelines for this weekend, hearing from members who have been recently attending, and for our responsibility on the side of caution for our members, their families and our neighbors safety - we will not be offering an in-person worship service at the building this Sunday, July 5th.

However, Jason will be presenting a live stream worship service at 1030 am via YouTube and will make that link available prior to worship time.

We understand some members may be disappointed, and those that have attended the last two Sundays have displayed exemplary and cooperative social distancing and wearing of a face covering.

We will reassess this decision next week. Please understand our reasoning for caution and care for this weekend, and, as always, we welcome any member's comments and suggestions.

God bless!

Thursday, June 18th

The Upland Church of Christ will be reopening the building on Sunday, June 21st for 10:30am worship only. A message from the elders regarding reopening guidelines and the congregation's COVID-19 Prevention Plan can be found at the links below. If you have any questions, please contact one of the elders.

Thursday, May 21st

Members of the Upland Church of Christ,

We want to express to you our sincere appreciation for the compassion, care and prayer you have offered other members and their families during this pandemic. From those mourning the passing of a loved one, to providing food for members as well as our neighbors, you have offered prayer for the health of others, called upon one another, participated in our online worship, devotionals, and Zoom Bible study, supported Jason and Erica with prayer and meals with the arrival of Owen, and continued to contribute financially for sustaining the opportunities for our congregation to serve our members and community. You have provided the encouragement of Barnabas as well as been a light for Christ!

We are monitoring Public Health guidelines and have already discussed a few potential scenarios for our future transition for gathering in worship and fellowship! Once we have the information for coming together, the leadership will prepare appropriately, seek congregational feedback, and keep you informed on any protocols for coming together with the love of Christ in our hearts.

As always, if you have any needs or prayers, please call any Elder!

God Bless!

Emerich, Mac, and Tom

Sunday, April 19th

All of us certainly miss our gathering together to worship, serve, and fellowship! However, just as you are - we are monitoring our public health officials gathering and socializing guidelines, and when we are able to gather, we will certainly transition in the best interest and welfare of our members and guests. However, that date is still uncertain. Please continue to pray, access through our website the various online devotional and bible study resources we're offering, reach out to one another, and be a light for Christ among your neighbors, co workers, friends, family, and community. Please, if you need someone to talk too, call upon your brothers and sisters in Christ! They will answer!

In Christ, 

The Eldership at Upland Church of Christ

Wednesday, April 8th

We are sharing this Public Health Directive, and we will voluntarily support its guidance narrative. View a PDF of the directive here.

- The Elders at Upland Church of Christ

Tuesday, April 7th

As the result of last week’s revised CDC and our State Public Health gathering guidelines, our building will be closed until at least the end of April! However, the church - it’s members are still engaged in strengthening their spiritual growth and faith with offered online streaming worship, interactive bible studies, devotionals, reading of children’s books, and various other resources for all to embrace in their daily walk! Please share these opportunities with your family and friends.

We will continue to utilize our phone notification system to keep our membership informed of significant matters involving our members, aware of services we have available, and to keep you informed on other matters related to the congregation and our community.

While we will continue to keep you informed, call upon you, and meet in prayer - please let us know if you have any needs or if just want to talk.

- The Elders at Upland Church of Christ

Friday, March 27th

Good afternoon Upland family,

I wanted to give you a few updates for today. 

First is our schedule for next week. This Sunday Willard will be hosting a song service, communion thought, and devotional sermon. This will be a pre-recorded video and not a live stream; however, it will be uploaded at 10:30am on Sunday, March 29th. There will be a live stream devotional on Tuesday nights at 7:30pm on Upland’s YouTube channel. Also, Erica is recording weekly Bible story time videos for our young ones and those videos are being uploaded on Wednesdays at 2pm. All of the links to these videos can be found on this page.

Our second announcement is from Tom Laing: if you are in need of any of our canned or packaged food items from our food program pantry this upcoming week, please text or call Tom (his home number can be found in the church directory), and he will coordinate a day and time for you to come to the building, and we will have your items brought to your car.

If you have any needs at all, please call one of the elders, deacons, or ministers. We love you, are praying for you, and looking forward to seeing you soon. Have a wonderful weekend. 

God bless,

Jason Campbell, Pulpit Minister

Wednesday, March 25th

As mentioned in Monday's update, we have added text giving as an option for you to give during this time. The instructions for setting up text giving are listed below; they can also be found on the online and text giving page.

Instructions for Text Giving:  

  1. Text the word "GIVE" to 1-909-402-2302.
  2. If it’s your first time, you’ll be prompted to click a link directing you to the online giving page to complete a one-time registration.
  3. Click “SIGN IN” then “REGISTER FOR AN ACCOUNT” at the bottom of the page.
  4. Complete contact information then click “REGISTER”.
  5. Enter the "SECURE PIN" that the system texts you.
  6. Select the fund, enter the donation amount, and payment information before completing your gift.
  7. Click "SAVE PAYMENT" to keep your payment information securely saved for future gifts.
  8. To text a donation after the one-time registration, you can give immediately without having to re-enter any of your information. Simply text the desired amount and the fund keyword to the church/organization’s text giving number.

Other Text Commands:

  • "EDIT" – Make changes to your giving account and update contact information and/or update payment information.
  • "REFUND" – Refund your last gift. You must text “REFUND” within 15 minutes to refund the gift. If you realized the mistake after 15 minutes, contact the church you are giving to for a refund.
  • "KEYWORD" – See a list of active keywords. Keywords are the fund names that the church has set up.

Monday, March 23rd

Yesterday, we closed our building for gathering on the first day of the week in worship for the first time in the known history of our presence in this community! However, the church - it’s members - still worshiped in our homes to the same God that loves each of us, no matter if the building was open or closed. However, we certainly missed the personal fellowship with our brothers and sisters and look forward to when we gather together again!

We want to inform you that the building will continue to be closed until the current public health gathering guidelines are removed or revised where we can meet again. In the interim, we will continue to use the current YouTube online live streaming or pre-recorded worship format, and we will try to provide a hymn of praise and reference how to continue to give (see below). As expressed, we will also offer devotional videos, Bible study guides, a children’s story time with Erica Campbell, and other spiritual resources on the website for all to reference.

We are thankful for Jason’s preparation and presentation of God’s word Sunday morning and to him and Willard for providing additional resources to keep us connected to God’s word. Willard will present next Sunday’s message!

We also hope to present to our members the opportunity this week to connect through a new media platform where you can post prayer requests, any needs you may have, share some of your daily experiences at home and among your family, and just keep in touch.

In regards to your continued giving to the work at Upland to sustain our operational costs and continue to serve others through our ministries: you can give by using our online giving link on our website or mail your check directly to the building (if you need prepaid postage just call Tom). We will also be offering this week the ability to make your contribution via a text message through our current online giving administrator. Many congregations have also added this as a well received feature. However, we also understand that this current pandemic situation and its economic impact on our community may create a financial strain on you and your family!

We are also updating our phone notification system this week with a few new or changed numbers to ensure all receive our phone updates! So if you're a member and not receiving our phone notifications please call the office or Tom!

Again, if you have any need or have any questions please call any Elder, Deacon or Minister!

Let’s continue to love and encourage one another!

"Beloved let us love one another; for love is of God; and every one that loveth is begotten of God and knoweth God!” - 1 John 4:7

- The Elders at Upland Church of Christ

Friday, March 20th

The scheduled food giveaway for Monday, March 23rd will NOT be taking place. All scheduled food giveaway days will be postponed until further notice.

Thursday, March 19th

Good morning Upland family,

I’d like to update you regarding worship services and other matters. While we won’t be meeting this Sunday at the building, there will be an online service this Sunday at 10:30am. It will be on our YouTube channel, but the link to access the live stream will be placed on the website early Sunday morning. Visit the “weekly bible studies and videos” page to access the link. This live stream will include both the Lord’s Supper and a devotional sermon. Please prepare your communion at home and be ready to take it during the live stream. If you need communion supplies, Kim King will be at the church building this Saturday, March 21st, between 10am and noon, distributing prepackaged communion supplies to anyone who has a need. I will be hosting the live stream this Sunday, and Willard will host next Sunday. We are currently testing our live stream capabilities, so if there is an error this Sunday, we do have a library of archived sermons and other study tools under our resource tab on our website.

Twice a week, Willard and I will be offering devotionals on YouTube that can also be found on our website. There is also a weekly study guide that will be posted which you can use in a personal bible study or a family devotional.

One last announcement: the leadership will be calling every member within the next 48 hours. If you need anything at all, please let us know. We love you and are praying for you. God bless.

- Jason Campbell, Pulpit Minister

Tuesday, March 17th

The leadership has decided, based on information provided by the CDC and public health experts and their most recent public gathering guidelines, and certainly the welfare of our congregation, that we must close the building until at least March 30th. Therefore, all normally scheduled times of worship, Bible classes, Golden Age Group activities, our March 23rd community food bank distribution, and Blankets of Love ministry are cancelled until at least end of March 2020.

In the interim, and in the event there are more longer restrictive requirements for public gatherings imposed in our community, we are creating this week alternatives to attending worship in person through an online forum for this Sunday and the future as well as providing suggested alternative materials that would assist you and your families to engage in continuing spiritual growth and maintaining a connection with your brothers and sisters in Christ.

If any member or if you know of a member, especially among our seniors, that has a need, please call any elder, deacon or minster so we can assist you in meeting your or their needs. The leadership will be personally reaching out to our seniors.

When applicable we will provide further updates by phone, on Facebook and Instagram, as well as our website.

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God , which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." (Phil 4:6-7).

Friday, March 13th

The men’s breakfast scheduled for tomorrow, March 14th, has been cancelled.

We are very conscious of the impact the Coronavirus situation is having globally as well as in our own communities. As we indicated last week, if you do not feel well or are symptomatic, let us know - stay home and we will pray for the restoring of your health. Additionally, we have provided extra sanitizers throughout the building for your personal usage, and all men participating in communion will use it prior to their service. In regards to communion, as of this Sunday, we will be using individual pre-packaged communion packages. However, if anyone prefers not to attend our public worship out of their own personal concern for the current pandemic virus situation we certainly respect your decision and look forward to the future opportunity to worship and fellowship with one another. We welcome any other suggestions, and additional information to assist you personally in your daily activities will be available in the foyer. Please contact an elder with any questions.